C++ Programing for Financial Engineering Online Certificate. Join hundreds of graduates from over 35 countries on 5 continents.

Advanced C++11/C++14 and Multidisciplinary Applications Online Certificate. Launched in January 2017.

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Recent Comments

  1. EvanMcM
    Really liking your videos Dan, just the right amount of info. I assume that you're pretty much always using doubles in quant finance since you need 64 bits of precision...I'm imagining many...
  2. Daniel Duffy
    Hi Bk, I have to ask Avi. He has final say. Regards Daniel @APalley
  3. Bkovalick
    Professor, is the code available to us?
  4. Daniel Duffy
    @Xuewan Zhao Nice! The C book by Kernighan and Ritchie is old but a classic :)
  5. Yameng Zhang
    Very clear introduction for me. And I'm also interested in the history so I will search and learn about it.