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COMPARE JHU Financial Mathematics vs USC MSMF vs GIT MFE

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by angelaseven, 4/12/11.

  1. angelaseven

    angelaseven New Member

    I have read a lot of comments about MFE/MSMF programs. There are so few about JHU Financial Mathematics. There are so many different ranks about FE programs. I don't know which one to believe and the programs all seem good. Would someone here specify the FE programs and their differences for me?
    Thank you very much!
  2. AlexandreH

    AlexandreH Active Member

    Where did you find rankings about FE programs? Anything recent?
  3. angelaseven

    angelaseven New Member

    We have one here on Quantnet.
  4. menovive

    menovive Columbia MAFN

    USC > JHU . GIT is different
  5. onthesc

    onthesc Member

  6. angelaseven

    angelaseven New Member

    Why USC> JHU? What do you mean by saying "GIT is different"? What's the difference?
    Thank you!
  7. menovive

    menovive Columbia MAFN

    I am sorry for being vague. I just heard from few folks(Previous graduates) that USC is better. I don't know about GIT and I don't think it is MFE, I think it is more theory based.