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C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Discussion in 'C++ Course Info' started by jackcoke, 9/23/11.

  1. Tara Liu

    Tara Liu New Member
      C++ Level 8

    Hello all, I am a finance student from China.

    Objective: Learn C++ for admission to MFE programs.

    Programming Exp.: VB, a little MATLAB

    Current Work: Final year finance student.

    Intended pace: Wish to complete the course early next year, around Jan.
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  2. Quentinn Roby

    Quentinn Roby Member
      C++ Certified

    I am actually trying to get into GS now. Learning the foundations first :)
  3. Rob Rivera

    Rob Rivera Member
      C++ Certified

    I meant GS as in "general schedule" employee, but the double meaning with Goldman Sach's seems fitting ^^
  4. Quentinn Roby

    Quentinn Roby Member
      C++ Certified

    Oh lol. Well in that case, yes the GS life is leaving me bored :)
  5. MHB83

    MHB83 New Member
      C++ Certified


    Objective: Consolidate my skills in C++ since my learning in that language has been very erratic

    Programming experience: C#, VBA, some python, some C++

    Current work: Financial Engineer on rates and credit derivatives

    Intended pace of program: Complete this certification asap
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  6. losterloc

    losterloc Member
      C++ Certified

    Hi :) I am very excited to start this course. Very nice to meet you!

    Objective: Improve my C++, so that I could apply for MFE program and maybe even work with this programming language before.

    Programming experience: Some basics of C++, Pascal, R and VBA.

    Current work: I am fully concentrated now on CFA Level I Exam, this and some other courses.

    Intended pace of program: I am not in hurry, because I want to apply for MFE in the end of the next year. I hope I will finish by December, but if necessary, by January will be also ok for me.
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  7. Zhongping Yang

      C++ Level 9

    Hi everyone, very excited to have a chance to study C++ here.
    Objective: Strenghthening my C++ skills for MFE program application of 2017 Fall.
    Programming experience: had bachelor degree level C++ course, basic level knowledge and skills
    Current work: R&D in pharmaceutical manufacture industry
    Intended pace of program: not in hurry but for solid fundamental. Beside other two pre-mfe courses this Fall, to finish this program in Dec or 2017 Jan will be fit .
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  8. Thanadol Sukjitnittayakarn

      C++ Certified

    Hello everyone!!

    Objective: Learn C++ for finding a quant job

    Programming Experience: Matlab

    Current Work: A graduate student in Financial Mathematics

    In tended Pace: By the end of 2016.
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  9. Bkovalick

    Bkovalick Active Member
      C++ Certified

    Objective: Learn C++ either for an MFE program or for work.

    Programming Experience: VBA, SQL, R, C#
    Current Work: Risk Analyst at Transamerica
    Intended Pace: Working full time but hope to finish in 12-13 weeks.
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  10. WangXuan

    WangXuan New Member
      C++ Certified

    Hello, it feels great to be part of this course and I am excited to be one of members in our community.

    Objective: To learn C++ for admission to MFE programs and to help in developing my own applications.

    Programming experience: Little C++, MATLAB.

    Current work: Final-year student in financial engneering who plans to apply for MFE programs this year.

    Intended pace of program: Since I want to obtain the certificate before my application, I hope the pace to be as fast as possible. Of course, the most inportant thing is to have a deeper understanding of C++ programming.
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  11. Norah_

    Norah_ New Member
      C++ Certified

    Hi everyone! I'm very excited to take this course with you.

    Objective: Admission to MFE programs.

    Programming experience: A little Java, a little MATLAB, a little R.

    Current work: Final-year Math/Econ Undergrad.

    Intended pace of program: Hopefully by Dec. 20.
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  12. rocky_wang

    rocky_wang New Member
      C++ Certified

    Hello everyone! I'm very excited to take this course with you.

    Objective: To improve my programming skill

    Programming experience: MATLAB and VBA.

    Current work: Analyst at GiantSea Futures focusing on OTC option hedging

    Intended pace of program: Hopefully by Dec 1st.
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  13. Yahua XU

    Yahua XU Member
      C++ Level 7

    Hi all,

    Objective: Consolidate my skills in C++, improve the programming skill

    Programming experience: C#, python, R

    Current work:
    Graduate School student in Finance

    Intended pace of program: Complete this certification asap
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  14. Lang Qin

    Lang Qin New Member
      C++ Certified

    Hello everyone! I feel so excited to join u.

    Objective: Enhance my programming background in C++ to chase for a top MFE program ;)

    Programming Experience: Very basic knowledge about MATLAB and C

    Current Work: A 4th-year undergraduate major in Economics

    In tended Pace: ASAP... no later than the end of 2016 :(
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  15. Ken Chan

    Ken Chan New Member
      C++ Level 5

    Hi, this is Ken from Hong Kong.

    Objective: To learn somethings, be more qualified as a quantitative developer, may take a MFE program later.

    Programming experience:
    Java, Matlab, Python

    Current work:
    Software developer in a field other than finance

    Intended pace of program:
    Complete with certification ASAP, maybe one or two months.
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  16. Jingyuan Zhang

    Jingyuan Zhang New Member
      C++ Level 2

    Hi every one, I am looking forward to studying programming now!
    Objective: Admitted by MFE Program and make some new friends
    Programming experience: a little bit VBA
    Current work: Year 4 Financial Accounting and Management student
    Intended Pace: I hope to finish it soon but am a little bit worried as I have little programming experience
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  17. Eric Weitzner

    Eric Weitzner New Member
      C++ Level 1

    Hey everybody. Really nice to meet all of you. I'm Eric, a statistics student in my final year at the University of Virginia. I look forward to working with you guys, and hopefully some of us will meet at Baruch's incredible master's program!
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  18. Liz Li

    Liz Li New Member
      C++ Certified

    Hi~I'm Liz from Mainland China.

    Objective: To learn C++ and to apply for MFE program.

    Programming experience:
    C, Matlab, VBA, R

    Current work:
    A senior undergraduate who majors in Financial Engineering

    Intended pace of program:
    Finish within three months.
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  19. Yameng Zhang

    Yameng Zhang Member
      C++ Certified

    Hello everyone, so excited to finally start!

    Objective: for MFE program, Learn how to model with C++, Meet people in pursuit of similar objectives

    Programming experience: C, Matlab, R, Stata

    Current work: unemployed, waiting for graduate school to start

    Intended pace of program: Finish before the end of the year
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  20. Yuqing Huang

    Yuqing Huang New Member
      C++ Level 1

    Hey Wonderful People! This is Yuqing. I am excited to join with you guys and to learn programming while I am also a little bit nervous since I have 0 of experience of programming experience before. I will push myself hard.

    Objective: To obtain basic knowledge regarding to programming and prepare for MFE programs.

    Programming experience:

    Current work:
    Staff at a CPA firm

    Intended pace of program:
    By the end of Jan 2017

    Good Luck to everybody!
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